Omaha Winning Hands

Winning poker hands.

Omaha hi lo advanced strategyTo  win at Omaha poker you need to know the winning hands, and this is absolutely essential in Omaha because you need to know if you are drawing to a great hand or not. Skill comes into how you play the hand and if you don’t know if you have a winning hand or draw, you wont be able to make and call the right bets. So the first part of getting an advanced Omaha strategy in play is to remember the hand rankings below.

You start with four cards in your hand and end up with five cards on the table. The winning hand must be made up of two of the four cards in your hand and three of the five cards on the table.   The hand rankings below represent that combination of two cards from your hand and three from the table.

1: Royal Flush.

For  a Royal Flush you need an Ace King Queen Jack Ten all of one suit, hearts or clubs, diamonds or spades. A Royal Flush beats every other hand there is, but you won’t see one very often. Enjoy it and rake in as many chips as you can when you do.


The winning hand





2; The straight flush.

Second in rank five cards in sequence of the same suit, but not including the ace high. Also not a common hand but often well disguised.

Plays in Omaha

3; Four of a kind.

Any four cards of the same rank, also known as quads. If there are four cards the same on the board, whoever has the highest card in their hand, such as an ace, will win. If two people have the same high card the pot will be split.

Omaha holdem




4; Full house;

To get a full house you have three cards of one value and two cards of another. In the example of 9,9,9,10,10 the rank of the three nines determines the strength of the hand. If someone else has a full house of 10,10,10,9,9 this hand wins because the 9,9,9 is lower than the 10,10,10 of the other hand.

Omaha poker strategy





5; The flush.

Five cards of the same suit make a flush. More than one person can have a flush. The winner is the person with the highest card making the flush.

What does a flush beat




6; Straight.

A straight is made up of any five cards in sequence but not of the same suit.

The winning hand





7; Three of a kind.

Any three cards all of the same rank.

Pot limit Omaha





8; Two pairs.

Two pairs of cards. Two players can have more two pairs and the winner is determined by the person having the highest pair.

The best Omaha hands





9; Pair.

Any two cards of the same value.

Pairs can win in Omaha





10; High card.

In poker the highest card is an ace then a king and so on down the rankings. If no one makes a hand, whoever has the highest value card will win.

The best high card.





So now you know which hands will win the game, get out there and have a go. Playing Omaha poker is great fun and if you play well can be profitable.

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