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how to play omahaWelcome to Beginners Omaha poker. This site is designed to help you start on the road to winning at Omaha, either pot limit Omaha(PLO) or Omaha hi lo (Omaha 8).

With over thirty years experience in the poker world and numerous wins to my name, I feel it is time to give back to those who want to learn how to play Omaha poker. On this site you will learn what to do and what happens when you sit down to your first Omaha game, the basics of how to play Omaha poker. You will also learn about the best poker hands and what beats what, and more importantly in the pot limit Omaha strategy section you will learn what hands to open with, which to raise with and which to avoid. All these are basic requirements for playing Omaha. There is a lot more to learn too and that will come in the articles I am going to post, however, if you stick to the advice given in these pages you can play as well as any professional.

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If you are bored of Texas Hold’em and the tight game it has become in the last few years and want a more exciting poker game then Omaha poker is for you. All of your Hold’em skills are transferable but at the same time you have to learn some new ones. Getting four cards in you hand changes everything! Once you have begun to understand Omaha poker you can take it to another level and have a go at the great confounder of the game; Omaha Hi-Lo.  Hi-Lo is even more complicated and full of intricacies and complications. If you really want to get your brain working then try Omaha Hi-Lo.

Trust me, all my years of experience has shown me that poker is a great game in all its forms, it combines skill at cards, understanding position on the table, psychology and reading what other players are really doing. There is money in it too and that makes it even more exciting. There are bad beats, big wins, and players coming to the table in all sorts of moods and behaviours. Its all relevant and plays its part, but at the end of the day (or night) its a game of cards, and the most important thing is to have fun while you are playing.

There is tons of stuff I want to talk to you about and will put the information in the articles section on a regular basis, so keep popping back here and get your head around how to play Omaha poker!